Three Potential Toilet Problems That Should Be Solved By A Professional Plumber

toiletWhen it comes to dealing with toilet problems, a lot of issues can be solved with either a bottle of pipe drain cleaner or a plunger and some elbow grease. However, there are certain situations that simply require a professional plumber’s touch.

Here are three examples of situations where you would be best served by calling in the services of a plumbing professional rather than continuing to try to handle the situation on your own.

1) You should consult a professional plumber if a pipe connected to your toilet physically breaks. In this situation, there is no question what you have to do. A physically broken pipe is not something that the average layperson would have the knowledge, nor the tools, to repair on their own. After all, chances are it will need to be replaced. It will take a professional plumber to have the connections to purchase the new length of pipe, as well as the skills to install it.

2) You should consult a licensed plumber if your toilet has a stoppage that you can’t clear with over the counter products. This may very well be the most common problem to affect people when it comes to plumbing and toilets!

The truth is, most clogs will be able to be cleared through your own efforts. The majority of clogs will not require the professional intervention of a local plumber. However, for those that are particularly stubborn, they just might need the special tools, skills, and training which only a professional plumber can provide.

3) You should call in a plumbing professional if you lose something valuable down the toilet and you need to retrieve it. Imagine the horror of watching your wedding ring, or something else of equal value, accidentally sliding away down the toilet pipe. Now, if you’ve flushed the toilet, there’s not a lot of hope – but if you haven’t, many times a professional plumber can help you to retrieve this lost item so it won’t be gone forever!

In these situations, as well as others where your efforts to solve the issues with the toilet fall short, it’s faster and easier to call in the services of a professional plumber. You might even be saving your entire plumbing system from damage by enlisting the services of someone who knows exactly what they are doing!