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Top 7 Residential Plumbing Problems That Can Make Living Inconvenient
All residences will have drainage and plumbing systems in place for the use of its residents. Plumbing and drainage systems are dynamic structures that are constantly going through a lot of push, pull and other forces while they give the required service. This can lead to problems that at times calls for the attention of professional plumbers.

The top 7 residential plumbing problems that can confront most households come from :
Showers and bathtubs
Slow draining of water
Bad odor
Poor water pressure.
All these problems can lead to discomfort and inconvenience and need to be attended to as soon as they arise. Neglect, especially in the case of leaks can lead to flooding that can further damage furniture, walls, foundations and floors, and lead to very insanitary conditions.

Problems that concern most toilets in homes will be around toilets, showers, bathtubs, improper draining and bad odor. Toilet clogs are very frequent, and most toilets will have plungers to get rid of the ones that the homeowner can tackle. Joints in fittings can also come loose and need to be resealed with cement when they occur.  Showers and bathtubs can also get clogged, though the culprit here is dirt collecting around masses of hair and preventing water from draining easily. When water does not drain quickly, it is always a sign of some sort of clogging further down the drain pipes.  Clogged drains and toilets can also lead to bad odor. Installing an exhaust system can help, but removing the source of the odor is a must.

Kitchens normally contain sinks and disposal equipment that can also cause plumbing problems. Clogging in sinks is a very common problem brought about by allowing food stuff to get into the drains. This can be prevented by having proper screens that do not allow such material to go down a drain. They will then have to be manually removed and disposed off through the garbage. Poor water pressure is a problem that can affect pipelines in kitchens and bathrooms, and this problem is caused by poorly functioning valves or clogged pipes. Leaks are also very common, especially in water pipes, where there is high pressure. These require immediate attention, as they can other lead to flooding as well as wastage of a very precious resource.

While these two areas in a home do assume the bulk of plumbing problems, you can also have some minor problems with garden taps, rain water down takes, fountains and any other equipment that use water, like a washing machine. Plumbing problems are not too difficult for a home owner to handle if he has the right tools and equipment. However, it can never do your system harm , if occasionally you do call in the professionals to attend to problems.  It makes sense to have the contact numbers of good, efficient and experienced plumbers in your area, so that they can be contacted whenever major problems arise. You can save yourself a lot of bother if you further ensure that such professionals can give you service around the clock and on all days of the year.  They are trained to deal with most emergency situations and can ensure that your home remains a place of great convenience to live in.